Thursday, October 2, 2014

Study in IMU

Assalamualaikum. . 😊

Lama sangat dah tak update blog nih!
What to do la kan? Now saya dah banyak commitment so tak boleh nak spend time banyak sangat kat blog or any social media except for Instagram! Hehe always updated because.. Later I will shared to you, in the next post! 😛

Forgot to ask, semua sehat ke? Hope sehat belaka la ye.. 😊

Huda nak share about being a student after berapa lama dah rasanya tak pegang buku and behave like a student! (Haha)

Anyone wondering what course I'm studying?
No one? It's ok, just want to tell you..
I'm doing Biomedical Science in IMU

The point that I want to share is, IMU is really more to futuristic, because all information, notes, assignment being uploaded or shared in the one website for every student access.

All notes we have to print it by ourself. This thing need alertness from you, if you not alert to the update in the website, I think there's many things that can leave you behind.

Not to say I'm S.A.K.A.I or what, but it's my first time because I never had it before in my previous university. (Huhu!) So, it's like a new thing that I can learn 😊

At here also, we are teached and I think almost of the staff or lecturer here lectured us to be professional! Yes, Professionalism and Ethics always become the main point above of all. They are very strict about:
1. Dress Code
2. Attitude

Because of all this, makes me think I'm in the right place! Money? It's worth it to pay RM100k ++ that's all, thanks! 😊

Duit Shoping -_^


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