Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Felt Like A Zombie

Assalamualaikum ...

          Alhamdulillah .. i felt like a zombie after a week is done, after all complications has been over! thank you Allah ~ !! For a week ago, i'm feeling very weak, very down, like nothing else can entertain me..! And then i took decision to follow my friend to go to the Teluk Intan, it was nice moments ever! But, like people said right, everything nice is never keep longer, its just for a while it is happen to me, i'm just happy with that moments, with the people, i felt damn calm with the environment, where's the calm make me to miss my hometown, the smell of the forest, Subhanallah .. everything's in my mind, still fresh in my mind .. ! moments of 2 days at Teluk Intan, really teach me how to appreciate your friend, how to appreciate, how to care ur friend trustness to you. Alhamdulillah .. i can take care of it, until last night, and in the early morning at 1 am, everything spoil! i've lost my trusted friend, i've lost my joking friend .. ya Allah .. i miss them damn muchhh ~ !
          I know, after u read this, i'm going to spoil your mood, but i'm so sorry, i also got friend, i just want my rights to be friend with others, u just too jelous until u donno how to control, until u're not realise, u're taking my rights to be free, to feel free .. i'm so sorry for saying this ... u've sent me a message, to ask myself honestly n answer it honestly, yes! i know, i'm ignoring your words! i'm ignoring ur self, i'm ignoring ur feeling! instead that, here i wanna ask u, if u ever think, if u ever ask yourself, for what u love me?? on what u love me?? answer me honestly! u just take d benefits of my self right?? everytime u wanna hang out with me, u always wanna do the thing that memang terang-terangan haram for u, but u do it! my sir just said to me last night, "if the boy, honestly loves you, he will take care of yourself, he will take care of your maruah" but what u do???! only a week we're together u trying to take what u cannot kecuali u just can take it after i'm yours secara sah!!! this is what u call u miss me? u loves me?? is it??!!! answer me!!! is this how the way CINTA SEJATI? is this the way that u said as IKHLAS?? IS IT?? no its not!!! u said u cant forget me, YES! U CANT FORGET ME, BECAUSE OF YOUR ORIGINAL SIN TO ME!!! may Allah guide you .. so am i, i'm ask for the same thing .. may both of us, get bless from Allah s.w.t d dunia juga akhirat...
          I'm sorry my dear blogger friend, i just cant control my self, i just donno what to say, how to say to whom i wanna shout out my heart's words .. because everytime i wanna slow talk to him, i wanna suarakan semua, everything will going back to me, he always blame me! i donno what more to say, i'm just hoping that one day he will realise what he's done to me pada masa dulu, now, n forever!!!
        Only this is my coretan petang ... jika ada yang terasa hati dengan coretan ini, maafkanlah Huda .. i'm not this perfect! i'm just hamba yg mengharapkan belas kasihan daripadaNya ... Semoga juga pada coretan ini, ada yang bisa diambil iktihar .. sekian sahaja ..

... Wasalam ...


  1. Hey dear i like it syg, luahkan semuanya!

  2. thanks vale ... yeah .. i hope its gonna better right now .. insyaAllah .. :)


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