Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Been So Long

When  I keep asking my self why do  
 I stop from blogging like the way I did before this
than there's just be sorry from me,
because I don't have the answer for that question,
Life too busy for this while
and I'm leaving this blogger world for too long ago ..

There's many for me to recall back on how
to attract other blogger to visit my blog =)

Well um,
Now I'm back with my student life =)
Continues for my Degree in Pharmacy 
I n s y a A l l a h !!

It's like crazy mind when I'm here back at this hour,
all people at this hour was sleeping la kakak !
what to do? 
I can't even close my eyes,
but now,
 I already felt
I need to close my eyes
have a very sweet dreams =)

Stay Tuned With


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  2. owh adik akk sorg kt moscow ambil medic,adik sorg lg kt cyberjaya ambil pharmacy gak ^^.all the best ye sis!!!


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