Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum ...

First of all, wish for :
* selamat berpuasa to all =)
* selamat hari raya =)
* SAYS happy coming merdeka =)
after this no more exam for the whole of life .. !! feels good =)

waaa ... its too long da kan i didn't jenguk my beloved blog ni .. sorry guys coz da lama x update .. memang sem 4 ni memang sem yg struggle gler2, so blog jarang nk update, and i think there's no story to tell about .. =) but now i got story to tell to you guys .. =)

today's is the 4th paper from 6th paper .. 4 done, 2 more to go ... after that, there's no more exam! Thank You Allah .. for made everything easier to us .. =)
Raya ni Cik Nurhuda tak balik raya pun, raya kat sini je .. after raya holiday got 2 more papers to settle up, to goreng2 with .. hehehe .. after 2 papers, i'll go back to my bloody home town Tawau for 10 months ! =) syok3x .. alhamdulillah ya Allah, tahun ni terlalu banyak hikmah dari segala ujian yg engkau berikan pada hambaMu ini ya Allah .. syukran jazillan ya Allah :)

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