Monday, March 29, 2010

huh!! semalam i stay kat HKL hari ni baru balik . . . cozes of migraine, i x g class ary ni!! huh!! geramnye! hm . . . xpe2!! yg pening sihat!! hehe . . . doctor ask me to stay in d ward for one night, coz of some procedure, that i need to do so . . . , i just stay larr . . . wat i got from the result is, cozes of my migraine, comes from my eyes! ders prob with my eyes! doctor said i'm rabun, she ask me to do a spek! huh!! malew aku! kne gne spek, then my eyes become 4, but, i think i'm not gonna use spek . . . maybe contact lens . . . hehe! ssssoooosadddd . . . . sssoooobbb2!! but, take it positive!! PEACE NO WAR!! ^_^

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