Sunday, March 28, 2010

hari ni hari ahad! its day to lepakin wif ur family!! but, i didn't . . . coz i'm so far from my family!! mama . . . abah . . . i miss u a lot!! its too long to waiting the day for me to hug both of you! OMG!! only you now how it is feel . . . selalunye kan, klu i kat sabah, my mom, abah, adik2 akan pergi highway, pegi ABC to lepakin, whole family! OMG!! miss that moment . . . i'm so sad . . !! sob22 . . . n now, ticket to fly to sabah i didn't buy yet . . . how r??!! huh! need some space to relax my mind! damn tension!! i can't think anyhting now!!

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